Ek Soon Co. Ltd. is directly imported the printing products from TOKYO PRINTING INK MFG. Co., LTD, Japan. All of the goods are unleaded products and have been guaranteed by SGS (Thailand) Limited and Labtest Inspection Services Thailand LTD.
Printing Inks (Offset)
Process 4 colours
  • high assurance quality
  • well balanced
  • excellent conformity with press speed
  • excellent in alcoholic resistance
  • good response to press characteristics
  • the dot is sharp
  • the gloss high
  • the colour strong
  • the transfer excellent
  • the dying fast and dependable
New GP-1 and CERVO

  • higher gloss without offset
  • fast production
  • greater water latitude and resistance to emulsification
  • quick setting and drying
  • faster work and turn with increased stocking ability
  • increased colour strength
Clean Ace 2 (New CA-2)



  • quick setting and high gloss
  • specifically for use in the printing of cartons
  • improved rub resistance
  • low odour
  • infrared drying feature
PC Ink
  • Suitable for use in the printing of plastics (PVC)
UV Fluorescent
  • Suitable for Fluorescent project drying and increase drying process by using Ultraviolet
  • suitable for Fluorescent project
  • There are range of colours to be selected
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Reddish Yellow
Zipset Standard Colour
Zipset GP
  • These 28 Standard Colours match on high speed presses and with continuous dampening system
  • quick drying
  • high gloss
  • soft type of inks which easy to mix
  • provide very good gloss
  • printability is excellent, you can use them without anxiety
  • setting and drying are very fast and allow secondary printing run to be made immediately
Zipset Weathering (Magenta & Yellow)
  • Specifically for resistance of sunlight project (120 hours in UV light and average 60 days in outdoor)
Zipset Pearl Ink
Metallic Ink
  • Furthermore, there are four metallic inks such as 615 light Gold, 616 Medium Gold, 617 Deep Gold and Sliver
Scent Printing Ink
  • There are four special scent inks such as Rose, Lemon, Cosmos and Natural
Soy Ink
  • Soy Ink is soybeans product and it has no chemical reaction to the packaging of foods. This ink is specially designs for the food packaging items and toys not harmful customer. 
Printing Inks (Flexo and Printer)
Suitable for Printing of Cartons
Ek Soon Co. Ltd. is directly imported the printing products (Flexo and Printer) from SWAN COATINGS (M) SDN. BHD, Malaysia. All of the goods are unleaded products and have been guaranteed by company itself.
Printing's Supplies
  • Roller Cover [VELMOL]
  • Blanket [MEIJI]
  • Fountain Solution
  • Gum Solution
  • NS Film
  • Spray Inkeeper
  • Sponge
  • Plate Cleaner
  • Roller Washer
  • Cream Roller Washer
  • Dryer
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Dull Varnish
  • Water Base
  • Powder
  • No. 10 Compound
  • No. 6 Mixing Varnish
  • SK Back and etc.
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